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  Why trust us nowadaysfashion,

  nowadaysfashion was born in 2019. It originated from a channel created for beauty lovers. It constantly innovates and integrates current international fashion, helps customers customize jewelry that suits their own style, and also provides customers with clothing that incorporates current fashion elements. Nowadaysfashion; Create your own story with customers

  Our company opened an online store in 2019. Before opening online services, the company's founder began to lay a firm foundation for the company in 2014.


  In the spring of 2019, our founders were young and full of fantasies about the future. Undoubtedly, he is lucky to have seen the colorful world at his most energetic age. For this reason, he hopes to express the beautiful things in his heart and share them with the world.

  For this reasonOpened a clothing and jewelry factory, opened a design studio, and opened customized services. From 2019 to now, we have many years of online customer service experience and have served more than 15,000 customers. In the year of opening, we made many mistakes and took many detours. Therefore, our service and product quality have been improved through mistakes and failures.


Quality control

   Our experts and designers can tailor-make every piece of exquisite art for our customers, and every product is infused with the designer's inspiration, sweat and hard work. It brings a happy smile to every user who wears it



   In today's economic globalization, the company will continue to pursue more advanced technology and a more perfect marketing model, and strive to provide a more comprehensive and high-quality shopping experience for customers around the world,





  Our team of designers is at the forefront of fashion customization, Passionate about building fashion brands, dedicated to individual customization and unique design style. We have a young and dynamic sales team that allows customers to find their home.

  In the year when online services began, we experienced many hardships. The spread of the new crown epidemic made it difficult for us to move forward. Kobe Bryant's death in a plane crash was like losing a beam of light, and the energy crisis made things worse for us. We feel heartbroken for the suffering and innocent people in the war between countries, and we feel sorry for the death of the Queen of England. All this did not defeat us, but made us stronger.

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